Jan. 27th, 2011

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We lost power yesterday afternoon/evening and I'm really not sure when we'll get it back; everywhere else in the neighborhood has had it for a few hours and our continued darkness is disheartening. This would be a more manageable hassle if I weren't trying to pack for a week out of town. In better news, though, the airports seem to have their act together and a Sunday departure now seems doable.

Also, we dug out and left, only to come back to discover that they'd plowed again and I had to dig myself back into the driveway. And I'm keeping my phone charged by running the Prius intermittently, which seems to defeat the point of driving a Prius.

At least our house smells really good, because O thought that what I needed for Christmas was a selection of Yankee candles, and they've received quite a bit of use in the last 24 hours. I was a bit "o..kay" when i originally received them, but with the benefit of more knowledge: well done, kid!
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who have let us come to their apartment and soak up their heat and electricity (*jumps on wireless, recharges everything*) and totally bogart their Wii. And we're going to be here for hours, because I think we're going to order pizza and stay here until it's time to put our kids in their (cold, cold) beds, because our house is cold and dark and boring. Did I mention that it's cold? Because it totally is.


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