Feb. 22nd, 2011

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The kids have a two hour delay this morning, and I climbed into bed with A to have a bit of a cuddle while she slowly woke up. She's at such a charming age, and as she woke up we lay in bed and plotted the first part of her epic Harry Potter fanfiction, starring Albus Potter and his two best friends. ♥

But before she woke up all the way she lay there and dozed and I just watched her, staring at her face. She just... god, I love her.

The thing about parenting is that it makes you examine so much of who you are and what you think about the world. )
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And now, for a complete change in topic (check out my multitudes, bitches!): it's Lady Porn Day! How are you going to celebrate?

(I mean, I realize that on LJ, EVERY day is Lady Porn Day. Think of this as the one day of the year that the rest of the internet joins the party. To celebrate, [livejournal.com profile] filamentmag has posted some of the female-shot erection shots that made such publishing scuttlebutt last year, over here - these are NSFW, obv.)

Glee art!

Feb. 22nd, 2011 11:41 pm
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I can't even talk about this episode yet. Maybe tomorrow.

But for tonight: so, earlier this week, I wrote a truly pornographic piece of fic that has the absurd line:

"Oh my god, I just reverse cowboy'd you!" and he leaned forward to hide his face against Blaine's own, pressing their foreheads together and feeling the blush flare higher as Blaine chuckled a bit and wrapped his hand back in his hair.

And I sat in my room and laughed, oh my god, because these boys are ridiculous, and that was fun enough.

And then, out of all the inspirational pornographic images in that story, somebody decided to illustrate that very moment.

So, yeah. Fandom is awesome. :))


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