Mar. 23rd, 2011

wordplay: Close-up of a cherry blossom, with the word "spring" written inside the flower (Spring)
(1) Sick, sick, we are all sick.

(2) Kid update: O spends every free moment either drawing or playing the piano. He's... he has so much happening in his head, and so many pencils in his pocket, and he's on it. He's going to do a rowing camp this summer, which he's super-excited about. A, for her part, continues to be doing her level best to grow into some real-life version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, which is a little worrisome, but she is so her own person that I can't get too freaked out about it - yet, although I reserve the right, etc. Oh, also: we just saw the ophthalmologist and her eyes are good; I'm absolutely tickled. Just one more note on the kids: I am a so much better parent to kids of this age than I was when they were babies. I just... frankly, I bore easily, and they're way more interesting now. It's harder, of course, but I just enjoy their company so much more. It's kind of great, honestly. Strong recommend on the Kids front, if you're leaning that way. If you're leaning the other way: omg they're so expensive! Are you insane?

(3) That... I mean, really? That's all that's going on. There's a reason I'm not posting much; it's spring break and all of my research is in a really fallow period right now, and all I really want to do is hang out and write stupid stories about high school characters. (And, between us: I am beginning to grow a bit bored. Not, like, horribly so, but I'm feeling it. That's OK; that was the point, right?)

(4) No travel on the horizon, which is OK; things will heat up over the summer, as they always do. Feb/March was so crazy that it's nice to think that I will likely spend every night in April in my bed - unless we do a theatre trip to NYC, as has been discussed.

(5) I think I'm just sort of holding my breath for the fall, to be honest. Still adjusting to the idea of this new intellectual incarnation. It's exciting, and overwhelming, and terrifying, and it still doesn't feel RIGHT but it no longer feels so horribly WRONG, either. Baby steps, no fear, etc.

(6) Icon chosen in hope and anticipation.

(7) Hey, y'all. ♥


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