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I haven't been around in a while, and I'm sort of still not really here. But I wanted to give a heads up to Americans on my flist (I'm predicting none of whom will care, but this is the kind of thing I can be persistent about) that the first season of "Being Erica" is reairing on (of all networks) SoapNet in anticipation of the airing of season two, which will begin in January. Details for better living through DVRing are here. (Feel free to ignore the comments, most of which come from regular SoapNet viewers who are super cranky about anything other than American soap operas invading their turf. Fair enough.)

I've talked about this show before and find it quite unlike most of what I've seen on TV; the NYT reviewed it favorably here, saying:
Though the show’s dramatic pleasures are ultimately modest, its willingness to portray single womanhood as something beyond a sum of consumer choices or the embodiment of a disabling passivity feels useful and perhaps even necessary, the right kind of counterprogramming to balance the mood of the moment. Erica would rather know herself — her curious, real-world pretty, bat mitzvahed, whimsical self — than go looking for Chanel motorcycle boots at an outlet mall or compulsively check her text messages to see if some jerk had really intended to buy her a bourbon.

It also describes the show as, "a sweet, blender smoothie of a concoction, a little bit "Bridget Jones" and a little bit "A Wrinkle in Time" infused with the extracted juices of "Freaky Friday"," and that's about right - it's fun, sweet, interesting, and just... different.

Today I had another long brunch with some friends (♥) and I mentioned then that one of the things I like about "Glee" is Rachel's presentation as a sex-positive teenage girl who is in touch with her own desire without a hint of the implication of sluttiness. I love that about her, I really like that this is a character we're not seeing elsewhere on TV. I don't think we've seen another Erica, either, and she's worth watching for. I also like the time they're spending on her relationships with her siblings; this is a character with a real backstory, the whole show is about her backstory, and that's exactly right up my alley.

So. Check it out. It's already been nominated for Yuletide, too! Definitely going on my list.


Also, I mean: HIIIIII!!!! What's up, DW?

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'tis good to see you pop up on my reading list :-)


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