Feb. 24th, 2011 10:46 pm
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OK, so I'm finally ready to talk about this.

The thing is, I was so irritated by this last episode - there was so much douchiness on so many fronts that it just wasn't fun for me, which is a goddamned shame considering how ridiculous so much of it was. I quite like Glee's occasionally dark core, but I really can't take so much stark meanness, and I felt like there was just a lot of it on display in this week's episode. ("Who cares about you buddy" was a particular low point for me, fyi.) The saving grace (such that it is) is that the episode pretty much reset itself, so I'm mostly hoping the next ep (in two weeks!) will just ignore everything that happened. (I say mostly; I would also really LIKE to see Kurt and Blaine talk about the brutal argument they had, but this is Glee, and continuity = not their gift, so, you know.)

In terms of the fight: I'm mostly over (OMG SO, SO FUCKING OVER) talking about it and trying to interpret it and who was right and who wasn't, but I do think the way they just go at each other and don't pull their punches tells us something about how this pairing could be written and where they think they are going with it. There is ONE thing I'm really, really curious about wrt that fight and I'm hoping some of you will chime in and tell me what you thought.

After Kurt loses his shit and starts being an asshole about bisexuals, Blaine gets upset and says: "I'm really sorry if this hurts your feelings or your pride or whatever but however confusing it might be for you, it's actually a lot more confusing for me."

What was your interpretation of that bolded section? Is he alluding to Kurt's, like, GAY SOLIDARITY FOREVER! or is he talking about Kurt's feelings for him?

As for the rest: Darren Criss still hot, Chris Colfer continuing to grow uncomfortably pretty to look at, Heather Morris should strip in pretty much every episode. Rachel Berry is back on my shit list. Burt Hummel still my FAVORITE EVER. (I had a plot bunny for more Hummel!fic, but it keeps making me cry, so I can't write it yet.) I need to hear the songs for the next ep like I need air, and it's not until March 8, and I am so glad that I will be going to London next weekend so I will be super distracted. This show - my relationship with it continues to be so fraught, but... yeah.

I've had requests for fic recs. I'm working on it. :D
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