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It's after 2 am and I'm going to be a wreck tomorrow because my body is on this 6 am wakeup schedule that I can't seem to shake, but we've only been home for an hour and even a mediocre show will keep me up this long and that show? Jesus god. A Mountain Goats show is a special thing anyway, especially with an opener that winning (Megafaun), but he did The Sign and at one point there was a balloon dancing around the room during a song about the Khmer Rouge and we all got to yell Hail Satan and the band was just so happy and John liked our side of the room best because it was generally populated by maniacs, but short maniacs so we could all still see, and if anybody has a bootleg of "You Were Cool" please hook a girl up already, because it was so great and it's unreleased still.

So here, let me just fangirl for a moment more:

Y'all, I like John Darnielle just so much. He's fucked up and manic and incredibly kind and passionate and awkward and smart and needy and joyful and, just - I don't tend to get like this about total strangers, even people whose work I really love, but I am strangely fond of this man and only want good things for him. I feel roughly about him like I feel about people I knew 15 years ago - a strange sense of connection, even though I don't know them at all, really, and some kind of weird personal investment in their personal well-being. Like, even beyond the work, he is a person I want to do see well, because I think he deserves to be really, really happy. We had a really interesting conversation once and I don't ever need any further contact with him because I really don't need to know him any better or take up any more of his time to know that I just really think he'a awesome. So let's take a moment to be glad that he's on the planet and generally seems to be having a kickass adulthood, shall we?

And Peter looked more like a rockstar than he ever has (although my most enduring memory of him will always be watching him carry his own instrument case off a cruise ship, which was adorable) and Jon's hair was a marvel and just, they had so much fun tonight, guys!

♥ ♥ ♥ EVERYWHERE OMG. And now it's 2:30 and wow, I might actually be able to sleep!
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