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I mentioned knitting!fic on Twitter, and several of you poked your heads up with a "wait, what?"

It's here - mostly Carole and Kurt gen, with a good bit of Kurt/Blaine as seen through Carole's eyes. Silly, one-day, LJ-outage fic - Carole teaches Kurt how to knit. :D


Also, while I am here: first LJ was down, then it had been back up for about 15 minutes when we lost power, and when the power came back the cable never did. Apparently somebody cut something they weren't supposed to, and they're saying it'll be back by tomorrow morning. IMAGINE HOW THRILLED I WAS TO HEAR THAT. TOMORROW MORNING!? **rages on in her modern, urban, entitled way**

NOT my best day to work from home, and coffee shop wireless kind of blows, not least because it's a many mile radius that is without internet and we're all sort of freaking out, and I didn't bring a power cable so I'm going to have to run back home, and I am EPICALLY behind on comments and, in short: I fail at technology. *sigh*


And! I went to a visiting day for the new department, and y'all, they all LIKE each other so much! They fund everybody for 5 years, so there's no competition among the grad students and everybody is so supportive, and they're all genuinely happy to be where they are - like, people complain about faculty or whatever, like you do, but they're all so glad to be there and feel so lucky and, just - I am so happy. This all bodes very, very well for the next 5-8 years of my life. :D


Finally: kids both back at school, never been so relieved to drop some people off somewhere, you have no idea.
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