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GIP. I joined the club for the first half-season last night, and I have all this icon space, so I might as well. There was progress - I'm not having big muscle aches today, just really sore knees from a couple of slips. I fell LESS, though, and now am more worried about weight and curl and spin and all of that and less about falling every time I get off a stone. Also, I still really suck at sweeping, but I think part of that is because the shoes I was wearing last night were slippier than expected and I was afraid to knock myself off balance by really putting some power behind it. I still get a giggle every time I hear someone yell "SWEEEEEP!" with passion but I hope to god I never DO lose that - it's an absurd undertaking but that's really a good part of the fun of it. Yay! ♥

I drove home from curling last night listening to Panurge, and was delighted to find the second season of "Slings and Arrows" waiting for me when I got here. At what point does having a crush on a place turn into actively stalking it? (Although I don't think the music should count, because it's not like they're some iconic Canadian band or something. If it had been the new Hip record then yes, fine - I am a sad, sad stalker. See? I have perspective!)
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I read a fair number of city blogs, mostly because travel is fun and it's fun to know things about other cities. Most of the time I'm just putting together links for a city I'm interested in visiting or going back too, and that's cool. Every once in a while, though, I come across a discussion that's actually a tiny reflection of a city's attempt to find itself or assert itself or find its own place and way of being, and what a great thing that is to watch! I am a big believer in a sense of place, in knowing what the place you're in means to you and knowing what the other places you encounter have to offer, and these discussions never stop being fascinating to me. Here's a tiny bit of Toronto, wondering how much it should hate itself. I get the impression that this is something Toronto does, hate on itself this way. I've lived in other cities that have done the same thing - DC has its own version of it, and you get a peek of that in the comments.


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