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(1) Baked cookies (oatmeal and chocolate chips and coconut and pecans YUMOMGYUM!) and made more pesto for the freezer and baked a gorgeous blueberry pie (with little stars for the top crust, it was completely adorable) and made creole.

(2) Celebrated the anniversary of the birth and the fullness of the life of [livejournal.com profile] chromodynamics, who continues to be made of pure wonderful and made just for me. I love him. ♥ Can you believe we'll celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this Christmas? Me neither!

(3) Remembered why we love Samwise Gamgee and reaffirmed my desire to move into the Shire, just so long as Manhattan is a train ride away and I can weekend at Rivendell. Let's get on that, k? Also, god, Elrond's attitude during the Council at Rivendell will never get old. First there's the whole Mr. Anderson vibe and then he's just so completely irritated at how utterly gauche and unsubtle and ridiculous the entire Fellowship is. What I love about that scene is how very very old and superior and, like, done with them already he feels, which is so very perfect for the Elves' attitude, and they could have screwed that up and it's just hysterical to watch him not roll his eyes.

(4) Watched BBC P&P (and ruminated upon the "is McKay really Mr. Darcy?" question) and La Vie en Rose and a few episodes of The Wire. And obv Fellowship, so if you're getting the idea that I spent most of this muggy, sticky, rainy, hot holiday weekend in my lovely air-conditioned house bouncing between the family room, our bedroom and the kitchen, you're absolutely right. Best. weekend. ever.


ALSO! A couple of weeks ago at con.txt, during the 4th wall panel, somebody said something about the fanhistory of the squirrel terminology for Hewlett fans and said something about how DHew had reappropriated the folk etymology for his own marketing purposes for ADB, blah blah. I'd really, really like to read about that, and she mentioned that somebody posted about it on LJ but I fail at the trackback. Can anyone help me out there? And if the flist fails, do you think it'd be OK to post on the con.txt comm to ask?
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Cindy's Kitchen Rosemary and Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette, available in the produce department at Whole Foods. I poured, like, 1/4 - 1/3 of the bottle over five b/s chicken breasts this afternoon and Marc just pulled them off the grill and they are perfect - no more homemade marinades for me. Best part: no sugar, so there's none of that gross sweetness you get from a lot of commercial marinades plus they're less likely to flame up.


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