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GIP. I joined the club for the first half-season last night, and I have all this icon space, so I might as well. There was progress - I'm not having big muscle aches today, just really sore knees from a couple of slips. I fell LESS, though, and now am more worried about weight and curl and spin and all of that and less about falling every time I get off a stone. Also, I still really suck at sweeping, but I think part of that is because the shoes I was wearing last night were slippier than expected and I was afraid to knock myself off balance by really putting some power behind it. I still get a giggle every time I hear someone yell "SWEEEEEP!" with passion but I hope to god I never DO lose that - it's an absurd undertaking but that's really a good part of the fun of it. Yay! ♥

I drove home from curling last night listening to Panurge, and was delighted to find the second season of "Slings and Arrows" waiting for me when I got here. At what point does having a crush on a place turn into actively stalking it? (Although I don't think the music should count, because it's not like they're some iconic Canadian band or something. If it had been the new Hip record then yes, fine - I am a sad, sad stalker. See? I have perspective!)


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