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Way to bring the drama, New Hampshire. Well done.

And way to rock it, Democrats. I love my party. Let's please remember to play nice and play smart, because it's a long road to the White House.

On the topic of John Edwards )
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So, regarding the Republican primary in Iowa, Marc is convinced that this is good news for us, that Huckabee can't win a national election and that the best thing that could happen for Democrats in '08 is to see him emerge as the candidate. Howard Dean seems to believe the same thing.

I have to admit that I feel differently. (1) I have thought GWB was an absolute idiot, an obvious puppet and a brainless wonder for over 10 years. I kind of STILL can't believe that the American public has elected him president not once, but TWICE. So, while I love my country and try to respect my countrymen, any political argument that's predicated on "people aren't that stupid" is likely to fail with me. (2) More globally, I am deeply worried about what it means when people in America can seriously promote for President someone who has gone on record as "not believing" in Evolution, apparently because he seems to believe that evolution implies descendence from apes. *rolls eyes so hard they stick* This guy makes GWB's anti-science position look reasonable. Having him included in the discourse, having him taken seriously as someone whose ideas and principles are worthy and necessary to guide us, makes me deeply, deeply anxious. I am appalled that voters have validated him even THIS much.

Surprisingly, I don't have much to say about the Democratic race. I have to admit that I'm a John Edwards girl at heart - he appeals to my gut, because Southern Democrats I KNOW - but I have been completely stuck on the Clinton v. Obama question due to experience, electability, all of that stuff and mostly wish I could just merge them into the best supercandidate ever. I'm waiting to see how it all shakes out, because I just want this SO SO BAD and I feel like we could win it and, as per usual, I'm terrified we're going to somehow screw it up for ourselves. (That said? OMG his address last night after he won? Chills like you would not believe, and what a gift that is.)


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