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DCigans: Anyone interested in joining me for the Crafty Bastards street fair on Sunday?

Also, while we're here, these shoes are fantastic. ♥
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You know, screw health insurance. That's just depressing. Let's talk CLOTHES!

I posted a few days ago under flock, because I was feeling all sad and vulnerable and emo about my inability to find a simple black circle skirt. (I know, I'm a brat. Well, damn, these things are hard! And judging from the response, a good many of you were just as willing to whine about the perfect garments you just couldn't find.) [livejournal.com profile] dramawench recommended a skirt from Target, bless her, and the one I ordered just came in the mail and it so did not work for me. It was hard to tell from the photos online, but it's actually fitted through the hips and the fullness of the skirt begins after a shaped seam just after the bottom of the hips. What this meant for me is that the skirt cupped my ass down to the seam and then began to flare out about an inch below the curve of my butt. It was NOT a good look - all I could think of as I looked in the mirror was Tim Gunn saying to Chloe during PR season two, "OK, Chloe, you just have to tell the judges, say, 'Nina, I WANTED her to look like she had a big fat ass!'" Those of you who remember that dress will know what I mean by the cupping of the bottom - it really didn't work.

The GOOD news, though, is that I ordered a black a-line skirt at the same time, and that worked a treat. Good old a-line - it's a more boring cut, yes, and not quite as kicky, but it never fails to flatter us big-bottomed girls.

So I'm shelving the black skirt problem for now. My next whiny fashion post will be about boots. Hurrah for autumn!

Whine: Paperwork. I am being drowned by paperwork. Why have I had six residences in the last 10 years? And why do I have to leave the country so damned much? *commits hari-kari by paper cut*


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