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I'm thinking about doing that anon writers feedback meme, because I'm trying to kick myself in the ass to write something in the next month or two, but oh my god my fic is EVERYWHERE, some of it I never posted here, and very little of it I actually tagged. I don't think I've ever even mentioned the Yuletide fics here. Somewhere along the way this became a RL LJ and I've not been using it to keep track of the very low level of production I put out.


So, you know, if you have things you've always wanted to say about my (very few) fics or you hate the way I write something or blah blah blah, feel free to leave an anon comment here. :-P
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I mentioned a few days ago that someone had contacted me about doing a DVD commentary for my Weir/Zelenka fic, and today [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu posted what she'd been working on here. I was really quite taken aback when she contacted me and was so pleased by what she had to say about the story; she was very kind. Beyond that, though, it's a really gratifying thing to see in greater depth exactly what an astute reader found noteworthy about something you've written. I feel extremely lucky to have enjoyed that, and she was so gracious about it, and it's been just really quite cool.

She mentioned in the writeup that she'd had to Google to find out where the lyrics came from, because I suck and was sliding in at the last moment and in my haste to get the story up, forgot to provide the actual source for the song lyrics that I was obviously quoting1. Yep, that's "Amaze Me" from Girlyman with quite possibly the most eerily perfect lyrics for a fic EVER, and here's a YSI link to the song.

1 I know, I know, my timing is the suckiest ever. I honestly can't believe I did that just in time for everyone to become ultra-sensitive about referenced material in fic.


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