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Up godawful early because I have to go to our client agency this morning for a three hour briefing that they (completely earnestly, because these are NOT people known for their ironic, self-effacing wit) call "indoctrination". Srsly.

How is this my life? It's days like this that I think that I totally should have finished my dissertation, beautiful new babies and total lack of interest in academic and intellectual pursuits or not. With the MA I'm more limited, but if I'd actually finished the goddamned diss I could be off tormenting undergraduates for approximately the same salary, or at least be pursuing my own research with a slightly less ridiculous set of hoops to jump through.

I did, however, put in my date for reducing my hours, so as of mid-August, I'm only at 30 per week. Can't wait can't wait can't wait. :D
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Somehow, mysteriously, I managed to pull down an A- in my class. The only grade for the class was the paper I finished writing in New Orleans under the threat of impending drunkenness extreme duress, and I was SURE it was crap. The whole thing is a bit of a puzzle, but not one that I'm going to spend too much time questioning, you know?
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Full of rantiness, venom and profanity. Not unlike me right now, actually. )

The only redeeming thing about tonight is that Marc took on a small supplemental contract for this weekend and we're both up late cursing at our laptops and eating really horrible food and ranting about whatever is giving us fits at the moment and it's sort of like back when we first started dating years ago and we were both hating on electrodynamics homework. The difference is that we're 14 years older and infinitely more tired, and there are jobs and kids and there will be no frustration!sex or sleeping in tomorrow morning.

Getting older really sucks.

ETA: This is how desperate I am not to be working: I just emptied the little crumb tray in the toaster and wiped down the counter underneath all the appliances. *keysmash/headdesk*
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Done! The horrible presentation is done! There were questions I couldn't answer, but mostly because the topic is so new and the data is all over the place and the original researchers are mostly at the "huh, yeah, we don't know. But isn't the data interesting?!" phase. I think I might have looked a bit stupid, but I really don't care overmuch. Because, did I mention, DONE!!!

And now I just have to write a paper about it, but that's not due for another three weeks, so there'll be some time before I start whining to LJ about it. Thank you for your patience. ♥

And presale seats for the Decemberists with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra went up today, and Marc ruled enough to get some for us. Row A yay!


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