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We got the kids' school backpacks for this year - O wanted green again, of course, but the interesting one is that A chose blue, which represents a significant departure from her previous all-pink-all-the-time policy. O's baby favorite color was red, but he switched over to green sometime in his toddlerhood; A has held onto her baby pink for much longer but seems ready to let it go a little now.

I realize this is probably only REALLY interesting to me, invested and absorbed as I am in all the minutiae of their personhood, but these days I am feeling very acutely and personally the fact that holy shit, we made people! Ten years ago this summer, we bought our first little house in Austin, pulled down really ugly flocked wallpaper and put textured wallcovering over some truly hideous paneling while drinking a lot of Shiner Bock, had a whole series of great housewarming parties (more Shiner Bock), and then decided that hey, we could have a baby if we wanted to! And hey, we wanted to!

Ten hot and steamy summers later and we've sold that house, bought and sold another, moved 1500 miles, made a lot more money, gained a lot more pounds, and watched the kids grow from a really cool idea into bonafide little people who argue, piss me off, genuinely love us and each other, express opinions, set goals and scheme to achieve them. And they have favorite colors that change sometimes. I don't know why that pleases me so very much, but it really does.

And in ten more summers, O will have just graduated high school, and I'll be packing him for college or gap year. I wonder what color towels and backpacks we'll be buying.


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