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It's interesting, because I would never think of myself as extraverted in any way, but the short descriptions mostly sound vaguely rightish. I feel more shy and feel a MUCH greater need for alone time than that reflects, but yeah, generally true, I guess although, really, I don't think being busy and always on the go is a function of introversion/extraversion. It's a function of the fact that I'm a working mother of two who lives in a major urban center and who has an active set of interests - of COURSE I'm always busy! There's some not pretty stuff in there, too, and alas - all of it's true. :)) I am NOT the nicest person you'll ever meet but I think that I'm far from the least nice and so, you know, that is what it is. *shrug* Also, the bit about being disorganized and scattered is just dead wrong - I'm really not.
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Ran up to the new job today to drop off some paperwork - I'm starting to get properly excited. On the way back I stopped for coffee and watched a playgroup - three moms, four kids under the age of four. It was interesting to watch them - I've been there, I've been one of the moms grateful to get out of the house mid-morning to meet some friends on the patio of the local Starbucks, so happy for a place for the kids to run around and nibble at scones while I talked to other adults about important things like preschools and discipline techniques and sleep schedules. It was an important part of my life, and I'm glad I did it because it made things so much easier for our family and it was important time for me to learn what kind of parent I wanted to be and get to know my kids a little better. It was really good for us.

And I'm really, really glad it's over. :D

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We were supposed to attend a school picnic today, but it's been rained out. Looks like Ernesto's going to rain out all of Labor Day weekend, and I'm just fine with that. Right now, I'm kind of just fine with everything. :D


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