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Right, so cute little gay brother/attorney on "Brothers and Sisters"? Here's a soundclip of him speaking in his native Welsh. ♥
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God, it got cold fast! It's been breezy and cold and drizzly all day, and the maple in the front yard finally gave up the fight and there's a thick covering of wet yellow leaves all over everything. I was supposed to meet people at Dupont today, but I just really wasn't up for venturing out, and I stuck around here and continued to clean and organize for most of the day, and also there was baking. When I popped out for an hour this afternoon, it smelled like burning leaves outside, even though surely it's too wet to do that (and surely there's a burn ban? god, I hope there is - it's not like we have the world's best air quality as it is). Very fall-like day, and I still need to order new coats. *sigh*

Wasn't that Paul Gross movie about Passchendaele supposed to start this weekend? Anyone know if it did? And what's the story with the H20 sequel? Anyone? *listens to crickets*

So I need to decide at some point about Torchwood. I have the first four episodes dl'd and I'll grab the fifth as soon as my source makes it available *looks shifty* but the consensus on LJ so far seems to be... well, there IS no consensus, is there? I've seen a lot of "omg what rubbish" and a fair amount of "whee!" and maybe some "hey, it seems to be getting better? maybe?" Tell me what you think, will you? I watched the Jonathan Ross interview and oh my goodness, John Barrowman is rather loud, isn't he? Right on that line between charmingly gregarious and obnoxious as all hell, I thought. Kind of exhausting.

So should I make the time to watch and keep up with it?

(Also, because I think I forgot to mention it - we have a new niece! M's little sister gave birth to baby Jenna early Friday morning. Apparently she's still working out the whole day/night thing, and so they're all still getting reaccustomed to sleeplessness, and all M and I can think is 'hahaha, suckers, never us again!' Every once in a while I miss the weight of a baby in my arms, but I continue to be glad that that's done and behind me.)
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This post is what you get out of NaBloPoMo - this is the kind of thing I blogged about back when I started but would never bore you with now. :))

Three paragraphs about how I spent my Saturday, by Carrie, age *mumblemumble* )

Finally, found on LJ, bunnies on the Mall. Bunnies! And national monuments! And autumn leaves!
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Two federal agencies are investigating whether the Bush administration tried to block government scientists from speaking freely about global warming and censor their research, a senator said Wednesday. Christ almighty, these guys are such bastards. I just - I can't even rant, I'm too angry. Feel free to do it for me.

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Still slammed at work; today I realized that in addition to the programming load I was already working on, I will likely also have to learn to use ActiveX controls. In the next two months. No problem, eh? *panics, looks everywhere for a paper bag* Oddly enough, or perhaps predictably, I've FINALLY got a plot for the story I would have been writing for NaNo. But I'm not thinking about that, right?

I want to be in LA two weeks from now. I never want to be in LA; I hate LA. Still, though - oh, I want to be there.

Annnnd, finally - anybody using Zotero yet?

No no NaNo

Nov. 1st, 2006 08:28 pm
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Right, so NaNo? SO completely not happening this year - what was I thinking? Well, clearly what I was NOT thinking was that this month would bring the big push for getting the lab software operational. Our budget for next year has been submitted and we want to start collecting data sometime in January so, like, wow - I really ought to get my shit together, eh? This is not compatible with a writing goal of 1600+ words/day, and it's really not so much time that's the scarce commodity (time ALWAYS is - I'm getting pretty used to that), but it's intellectual energy that I'm having to budget pretty carefully right now. So, you know, the not-necessarily-urban fantasy novel about the magic of places is going back into the "oh god, I'll deal with that idea later, later, LATER" folder. That folder is kind of scarily big. The GOOD thing is that I'm feeling mostly better and so am off the NyQuil, meaning that I'm no longer expanding it with ideas inspired by my drugged-up dreams.

However! NaBloPoMo? I'm all over that. And I'm going to go with Fran's and Alex's and Callie's model, so there will be pretty pictures, yay. :D Well, except they might not be v. pretty. Whatever. I wanted to take a picture of our moldy pumpkins (that something was trying to eat, because there were all these chunks bitten out) but M. trashed them before I could get there, so you all owe him a debt of gratitude.

It's That Time of Year. )

Someone on my flist said she thought NaBloPoMo sounded porny. It reminds me of drunk upper division lit student trying to talk about Pablo Neruda and tripping over her own literatiness. Context is everything.


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