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Interesting NYT article about the tyranny of the chicken finger and what it means for kids' palates. I totally get where he's coming from here. We actually have food policy in our house, and the kids can recite it if pressed: we try everything. Read more... )

And while we're talking about food, here's a review of Harold Dieterle's restaurant, Perilla. Let's go yay! (However, let me just say that I am totally intimidated by the carpaccio rollup thingy. I hate it when food makes me feel like a rube because you would have to destroy that pretty thing to eat it, and that always makes me feel like I've desecrated something. I prefer my food anarchitectural, which probably the rest of the world would call 'unstructured', but there IS something architectural about a carpaccio roll that has to be 'buttressed', I think, so there.)

Also, a list of things that boys should know by the time they become men. Parents - how's that going for you? Men - do you know these things? Additions? Deletions? Hit me, because I'm raising one spectacular guy and I need notes on curriculum!

Yeah, I AM just going to keep adding stuff to this entry! I'm going through my RSS feeds and catching up on the universe. Here's something cool for those of you who have road trips in the US on your agenda for the summer. We're driving between Sacramento and Vancouver in August, so I'm looking extra close at the west coast right now. Neat, eh?


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