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Right, so. I love radio, and I love Canada. Predictably, I stream a lot of Canadian radio. :D At some point I WILL make the great online-radio post, which will mostly just be me telling you what I listen to and begging you for a list of your greatest hits. But I should probably tell you about this today, because I THINK that there's another Joel Plaskett fan or two on my flist.

So Jian Ghomeshi is one of the founding members of Moxy Fruvous and since the Fruv quit recording and touring, he's been doing a lot of work for CBC Radio. His newest show started yesterday and is called 'Q' and it's sort of a real-culture-on-the-ground kind of thing. I'm not sure what I think of it yet; it's interesting but it's still finding its legs. Today's show is one I've been excited about; in the bottom half of the hour, Joel Plaskett will be on to talk about his new album, and that's something I've really been looking forward to.

So, anyway, it's new and it's interesting and it's worth a listen. The great thing about CBC Radio One Online is that Canada is a really freaking WIDE country, and you can choose any of a zillion different stations to stream from. Q is a 2 pm show, and so if I miss it here in Eastern, I can catch it in Central or Mountain or Pacific. I'm listening now to the signal out of Calgary; in about 20 minutes you can catch the show on the Vancouver stream. How handy is that?

Anyway, the main streaming page is here and the basic program guide is here.
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Just a reminder that the television version of This American Life starts tonight on Showtime. I have no idea how this will translate to tv, but I'm really excited to see them try.


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