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USA = "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
Canada = "Peace, order, and good government."
France = "Liberté, égalité, fraternité."
Zimbabwe = "Unity, Freedom, Work" (contributed by [livejournal.com profile] imaginarycircus)
England = ???

I feel that England needs one. I think ALL countries need one. They might be nothing but empty rhetoric, but I can't help feeling like each one of them captures SOMETHING, however small.

Let's make one up. Or give me one tiny piece. Or, hey, gimme one for your home or the country of your choice. C'mooooon, we all like pithy slogans, yeah?

ETA: And in a nice bit of internet serendipity, I just stumbled across this: DC's looking for a new slogan itself! OK, so you didn't win the contest to be the new voice of Metrorail. You can still be a part of DC history, just like Marion Barry! Consider this your warm-up exercise. :D
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(1) So wrong, but in a really fabulous way.

(2) These thingies confused the hell out of me when I was doing the recycling this afternoon. I couldn't figure out what the hell Marc had been squirreling away in his Guinness bottles and in my experience, white things knocking around in dead empties are supposed to be cigarette butts. Weird.

(3) If you've been in my car recently, have you by any chance lost a lid to a travel coffee mug? *looks at [livejournal.com profile] ellen_fremedon and [livejournal.com profile] sanj* 'Cuz I appear to have one more lid than mug. Accounted for!

(4) Today I finally watched the end of Slings and Arrows and god, I really wish I hadn't. It's so gorgeous, so absolutely perfect, that I can barely stand knowing that there's not going to be any more of it.

(5) I spent a good several hours this morning trying to figure out why Google Docs hates me, but it really doesn't. It hates schizoid!me, and for some reason keeps forwarding all of my docs sent to any of my accounts to Carrie'sRealName@gmail.com. Which, I guess that's OK, but I don't remember setting it up that way and I can't figure out how to change the setting. I think it's really fantastic that Google is doing so many things, but I can't help feeling like it used to be really easy to go in and fiddle with the settings on gmail, and now between the Reader and Docs and Dodgeball, I never have any idea where to change anything. *pouts more*

(6) Today I had a few ounces of gorgeous fresh mozzarella left over from making dinner and I toasted it onto a bun with some yummy freshly shaved ham and lettuce and tomato and dude, that was so much better than my usual Lean Cuisine desk!Monday lunch. Spring Break Rulzzz. Remind me that that doesn't mean I should quit my job, OK?

ETA: Now I remember what I was going to say.
(7) Bowling. It's so COOL how many kinds of bowling there are, isn't it? Last year when we scheduled our son's 6th birthday party, we discovered duckpin bowling, which is a mid-Atlantic thing, apparently. And then today when I was watching S&A, Geoffrey and Charles were playing five-pin bowling, which reminded me of duckpin a little but is apparently a Canadian thing. [livejournal.com profile] jlh tells me that she grew up in Maine seeing candlepin bowling on TV. I somehow made it to my early 30s without knowing there was anything besides 10-pin and lawn bowling like bocce and pétanque and god, just LOOK at all of it. We are a truly wonderful and bizarre people. *nods*


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