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You guys are so awesome. Thanks for the many congratulations. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm so excited, and there is so much planning to do! And I will start it today, because I have 2.5 weeks of sick time to take off before I leave my job in July, and this head cold has moved to my chest, so *cough cough* I'm staying home.

I've been not really posting actual Glee content here; let's break that trend, shall we?

So, I've FINALLY watched last night's episode.

+ I'm a little unsure about how they're handling Lauren Zizes. I wish Puck's attraction to her were played a little less comedically, and I wish we had a better sense of what's going on in her head.

+ I could have done without the kids' oncology ward scene. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am now shipping the hell out of Will and Sue in some weird fucked up way (comedic hate!sex? Idek), but it doesn't help that Matthew Morrison can't possibly play real to me anymore. :))

+ hot great did Lea Michele look in that flannel? And I LOVE that Mercedes never jumped on the carousel sweater bandwagon, because the girl knows herself. The costuming last night was just really top notch - lots of interesting character work being done there. And look at that: we had an entire fashion and clothing episode, and Kurt Hummel wasn't even in it. I think that's a tiny bit of a missed opportunity, and also kind of completely awesome, and just a really, really interesting choice.

+ this is how much I care about the Santana-Sam-Quinn-Finn-Rachel: {}. Next.

+ needs more Kurt/Blaine! *adjusts tin hat*

+ Re. promo: so, we knew that was coming, yeah? And my only hope was that Kurt wouldn't have to see it, because I am tired of seeing even remotely unhappy looks on Kurt's face, and I am tired of the triangular configuration that the writers seem so dependent on. And so my first response last night was just a little sadface. And the general response on [livejournal.com profile] kurt_blaine was kind of harsh, with such dismissive responses for anyone who wasn't immediately in the WHEEE zone, and so that was irritating and hurtful. And I'm a little *sideeye* at "OMG THEY WERE DRUNK" thrown around like it suddenly makes everything into an AU where it didn't really happen - weird shit happens when you're drunk, srsly no lie, but is it really anybody's personal experience that shit that happens when you're drunk is so compartmentalized that it automatically has nothing to do with the rest of your life? I don't know, the vehemence of the IT'S FINE, LIKE IT, OR WE WILL YELL AT YOU response was, in my experience, a little eyeopening. Once again, it's the reaction of the fan community that has me most fascinated and engaged. :)) (P.S. - there is a reason I'm in the social sciences instead of literary criticism. :D)

I think, after watching it again (and getting a whole 4.5 hours of sleep, whee!!!), I mean - whatever. It will happen, and it's not like it really CHANGES anything, but I reserve the right to hope that the woobie just sails right through it like so many think he will. The rest of the party looks hilarious, and Blaine's clothes are killing me (god Darren's legs look long when he falls, which I'm pretty sure is some kind of weird camera-angle, because the boy is many things but tall is not among them), and Heather Morris should walk around in just a hot pink bra ALL THE TIME THE END.

Also on the Glee front: I have four startlingly good seats to the Philly show, for me, A, [livejournal.com profile] misscake and [livejournal.com profile] r_becca, so that should be fantastic. And I also, in a fit of whimsy, paid an obscene amount of money for a VIP ticket to the Detroit show, so at some point after the next England trip (omg, ladies: most of us leave 2 weeks from today!) I will start thinking about that. Michigan is a state I've never visited before, and a tiny part of me hopes that b/c he went to school there, Darren Criss will do the meet & greet there, because that would be entertaining. Also, there are Tim Horton's in Michigan, and so Timbits! And even a [livejournal.com profile] tropes, who I haven't seen since we both got completely wasted in a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan in June fucking 2004. Damn.

Also, you know what? I'm quitting my job, because I'm going back to grad school.