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(1) I'm trying to track down a copy of the single "Natural One" by Folk Implosion, the song in the video that's here. 90s people?

(2) There's a new Target ad that has a lovely cover of "Hello Goodbye". Anybody know who this is? ETA: And the commercial's up on YouTube here. God, I love the internet. ♥ Pretty song, eh? Watch the scrambling to cover the Golden Globes' ads here on the boards at adtunes.com. Whee!

Thanks in advance!
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One of these days I will respond to comments left on the last few posts. This is not that day.

If I wanted to go see Barenaked Ladies at the Patriot Center on Saturday, Nov 4th, would anybody be interested in coming with me? M may go - our babysitter had the audacity to finish her masters and leave DC but we've got a number for one of her former roommates who seemed interested, so that might work out - but otherwise, I'll really want company. (And [livejournal.com profile] didi75 - is that the day we were talking about going to the movies? I am so scattered right now but that day feels significant for some reason that I can't quite pull up right now.) I haven't been to a show that big in a really long time - it's been a long string of club shows lately - but, I don't know, it seems like it might be fun?

And this is a reminder that the DC Girlyman show is in NINE DAYS - Thursday, Oct. 26th. Tickets available here. I know a number of you were idly interested - who's planning on going? I'm available for rides from various points in PG and Montgomery counties. :D


Election judge training today. I was the youngest person in the room by about 25 years or so, which I guess is a nice change of pace. The older folks were really struggling with some of the technology - at least one guy left because he was like, "I'll never be able to do this". There's a wrinkle I hadn't quite thought of with electronic voting - never mind how vulnerable the systems are, but if you've got an election workforce that isn't particularly technologically savvy, this seems to be a very large potential problem. We'll see how election day goes.


Oct. 10th, 2006 09:23 pm
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Although it seems like iTunes has the entire Captain and Tennille catalog, there do not have "Butterscotch Castle" from that 1976 classic album Song of Joy. My inner five-year-old is pouty, because that was a favorite song at that age. I have previouly confessed in this space a fondness for "Afternoon Delight" - clearly, there was a lot of horrible AM radio going on in our household in the mid to late 70s.

Lyrics behind the cut, you lucky bastards, and if anybody has an mp3 of this lost gem, OMG hook a girl up! Hurry on down to our butterscotch castle! Limited time only! )

Vibrations! Flowing in a positive way! To properly appreciate this song, I think you must be:

(a) five
(b) stoned
(c) hungry
(d) a collector of Precious Moments
(e) all of the above.
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Hellish, hellish, truly nightmarish traffic day - it took over an hour to travel 8 miles on the Beltway because some braintrust decided it would be a good idea to steal a car so crappy that it would randomly break down at 7:30 am. What *I* want to know is what kind of decent car thief is out driving the Beltway at that hour of the morning. I'd have thought that car thieves wouldn't be among the teeming masses of DC morning commuters - shows you what kind of criminal mastermind I'd be. My ass would be in bed at least until noon if I had such a flexible profession. I'd also steal a car that worked, though, so maybe I'd break even. At the very least, if I were going to sleep in my car, I'd do it someplace a bit less conspicuous, thanks.

Which reminds me, dear MoCo voters (and by my count there are 8 of us here! go us!), that county primaries are next week and OMG, can't we get us a purple line? Won't you go and vote, pretty please just for me, so I won't have to bitch about traffic any longer? Go here for info about where candidates stand on what I have taken to calling My Beautiful Purple Traffic Salvation.

In other news - I have no other news. The job is fantastic and I have to learn about something called AuthorWare (I don't even know what this is. There is a flowchart and it's a GUI so, you know, how hard can it be? right? anybody?) and the a/c unit in my office that I set on fire the first day has been replaced and I am getting ribbing from colleagues about my cushy corner office. Life is good, if very busy.

ETA: I lied, I have other news. It's not really my news, though - woxy.com will stop broadcasting a week from tomorrow. It's a pity to see it go - it's had an amazing run as an internet-only modern rock radio presence and I'll miss it terribly. Next week, M-F at 9 am, they'll be rebroadcasting their Modern Rock 500 from this year on their vintage channel, 100 songs per day. It should be a great way to end an era and as sad as I am to see it end, I feel very lucky to have enjoyed it while it lasted. Do tune in to say goodbye!

And once I move over to the other building, probably sometime in the spring, internet radio or streaming audio is all I'll have for music in my office - no iPods allowed. Can anyone recommend any other great internet radio sites? Anything that will let me customize content?
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[livejournal.com profile] chromodynamics linked this article for its discussion of SoaP's disappointing box office and speculations about what internet buzz means for actual ticket sales. And that part's interesting, especially as it mentions fannish favorites Serenity and Stargate. Check out the first half of the article too, though, as it discusses music fans and some of their participatory experiences online. I thought the idea of the Suzanne Vega concert was really interesting, although the limits of the technology seem to make it more gimmicky than anything more broadly experiential right now.

And this is another interesting article, talking about Terry McBride's attempts to revamp music marketing and what it means to performers, executives and music fans. A sizable bit of the discussion there is about BNL, who have clearly put a lot of time, energy and thought into these matters. Earlier this year they were instrumental in the launch of the Canadian Music Creators Coalition and although it's still early days there, I'll be interested to see what kind of progress that initiative makes.


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