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I have high arches and slightly narrow feet, but today my right foot looks like a sausage, all puffy and wrapped up tight in Ace bandage. M. found crutches for me so I've been able to make it to the bathroom and do important things like tuck the kids into bed, but I've spent most of the day planted in bed. I'm getting absolutely stir crazy and the ankle can't bear weight and I'm trying to decide if I should try to make it to the doctor on Monday or just wait it out and see how it goes.

I am the biggest baby ever. In other news, though, we're watching Proof and damn but Gwyneth Paltrow is spanking this dialogue and she looks so plainly beautiful, so shattered and yet the pieces are still so pretty. I've never seen the play, I've only read it (plays are way better to read than short stories, imo - they're along my favorites), and as always, it's a delight to see it rendered in human bodies, even if it is still 2D. Favorite play you've read and then seen performed, either on stage or on film?

I'm behind on my reading and I have a ton of things I want to get written down and I've dl'd more stuff to watch than I'll ever have time for. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on these things. Why I am so thoroughly bored at the prospect?


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