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God, it got cold fast! It's been breezy and cold and drizzly all day, and the maple in the front yard finally gave up the fight and there's a thick covering of wet yellow leaves all over everything. I was supposed to meet people at Dupont today, but I just really wasn't up for venturing out, and I stuck around here and continued to clean and organize for most of the day, and also there was baking. When I popped out for an hour this afternoon, it smelled like burning leaves outside, even though surely it's too wet to do that (and surely there's a burn ban? god, I hope there is - it's not like we have the world's best air quality as it is). Very fall-like day, and I still need to order new coats. *sigh*

Wasn't that Paul Gross movie about Passchendaele supposed to start this weekend? Anyone know if it did? And what's the story with the H20 sequel? Anyone? *listens to crickets*

So I need to decide at some point about Torchwood. I have the first four episodes dl'd and I'll grab the fifth as soon as my source makes it available *looks shifty* but the consensus on LJ so far seems to be... well, there IS no consensus, is there? I've seen a lot of "omg what rubbish" and a fair amount of "whee!" and maybe some "hey, it seems to be getting better? maybe?" Tell me what you think, will you? I watched the Jonathan Ross interview and oh my goodness, John Barrowman is rather loud, isn't he? Right on that line between charmingly gregarious and obnoxious as all hell, I thought. Kind of exhausting.

So should I make the time to watch and keep up with it?

(Also, because I think I forgot to mention it - we have a new niece! M's little sister gave birth to baby Jenna early Friday morning. Apparently she's still working out the whole day/night thing, and so they're all still getting reaccustomed to sleeplessness, and all M and I can think is 'hahaha, suckers, never us again!' Every once in a while I miss the weight of a baby in my arms, but I continue to be glad that that's done and behind me.)
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So, Movie Central, you've decided NOT to air the next episode of SGA tonight, have you? Nice. Thanks everso. Now that we have no promise of more John Sheppard to come soon, we might as well get real, real comfortable with Jack Harkness. After all, you've seen one dark, sexy, rakish, slightly myserious, obviously bisexual guy fighting aliens and weirdness for a secret global organization, you've seen them all, right?

Just a note, though - the DW writing team regularly spanks the SG writing team, and you have no idea how sorry I am to say that. We've just seen SG-1 cancelled, and screwing around with the SGA episode air dates, when there's another very good franchise getting its feet under it and becoming a global property, is a really risky proposition.

Had a great weekend in the mountains - very relaxing, gorgeous fall color, good hiking weather, pics to come, etc. Finished Farthing (v. well executed) and am halfway through Carter Beats the Devil (not unlike me, it's clever but could stand to be a bit tighter in the middle). Still have no real outline for NaNoWriMo, just a v. disparate and non-cohesive collection of ideas. Still have this same horrible cold and really wish I could call in but I have so much work to do. And now, coffee. *waves and zooms*


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