Jan. 26th, 2011

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(1) Snow day! On account of, you know, actual snow. Not a lot, but I don't think anybody expected the inch or so of icy slush we had on the ground as of 5 am, and since everything was going to close early anyway for the storms we're expecting tonight, and it's been a pretty uneventful winter so far, they just called it; even the university, which NEVER closes when I want it to, opened at 10a and closed at 3p. Now I just have to hope they'll shut down completely tomorrow, as I have a 2p class that I'd rather not venture out for if it can be helped.

(1a) Is anybody planning to go to the Dupont Circle snowball fight tonight? Pro: whee! Con: brrr! Also, you just sort of KNOW that everybody will traipse down there and then the escalators will go out.

(2) I DID go out today, though, for a 6a trip to the grocery store for the essentials, i.e. a bag of Oreos and 50 lbs of ice melt.

(3) And then I mostly just hung around, turned out some excessively lyrical Kurt/Blaine romantiporn for the porn battle, and willed the snow to start back up. (Which it did, actually; just as I posted this it switched over from hail/sleet/freezing rain/whatever to proper snow again. I think.) I feel like I'm writing way too much K/Bl, and it's all pwp (because I have my own personal braincanon in the hopper for an exchange and it won't see the light of day for a while so I'm in a hands-tied sort of place), but it feels nice to be writing and I'm not really feeling anything else. *pokes at it*

(4) After putting the problem of my entryway to you guys, [livejournal.com profile] kaalee recommended a bench for the kids' backpacks, and although it wouldn't fit in the spot she suggested (which was the only spot you could see from the photos, so fair enough), it DOES fit somewhere else, and the cheapy $70 black bench we ordered from Target just arrived and it looks fantastic - the backpacks fit perfectly. I'm so pleased, so thank you! :D Pictures at some point soon.

(5) Also pictures of A, because she and Marc are going to a girl scouts event on Friday night and we went dress shopping last weekend and the dresses are ADORABLE, but less baby girl adorable and more, like, omg she's growing up! adorable. Her favorite purchase was a silver sequin tank dress - she jumped up and down when I told her we could buy it. :))

(6) Assuming the weather doesn't do something daffy and fubar everything, on Sunday I leave for London. I should probably make sure I have enough tights. Also, pick stuff up that you guys need. [livejournal.com profile] aegeus, I thought there was talk of Bisquick and Dawn at some point? My record-keeping is crap right now, so if there's stuff I need to bring for you, please let me know (again, I know, I'm sorry). And [livejournal.com profile] malachan, do you have a better sense of how your next week is going to look?

(7) I need an icon that represents general ennui. What is the pictorial representation of 'bored blah'? This old school bratty child will have to do.

(8) OK, DC, I say we storm the local TV stations with snowballs and pitchforks and destroy all copies of that damned Koons.com ("Koons dot com!") ad, because oh my god.


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