Feb. 11th, 2011

wordplay: (Do Not Annoy the Fangirls)
So, actually, as much as you might think I'm all "blah blah blah Kurt/Blaine Glee omg blah blah blah" all the time, I actually don't talk about it much here considering how much of my brainspace it's taking up. I'm obsessed - crazy, batshit, deep-end obsessed, and I am churning out fic like a madwoman. (Seriously, ask [livejournal.com profile] misscake. She is a trooper and my alltime faaaaaavorite. ♥)

And I? Am on the light end of things. Because if you think I'm obsessed, and you think Glee can manufacture drama for days for no apparent plot reason, well, then you have never seen the loyal fans over at [livejournal.com profile] kurt_blaine. The last few weeks have been a nonstop shitstorm, what with everything going on, and now there's an Ausiello blind item about a beloved gay character who thinks he might be bi, and there's been a tip over at AfterElton that it's Blaine, and the fangirls? ARE LOSING IT.

And, like, I totally get it. That would really suck, in a lot of ways, and it'd be one more instance of massive failure of the head guys over there to write their way out of a paper bag without pissing off a whole bunch of people. (Epic disability!fail is the camel-breaking straw that springs immediately to mind but god, there have been so many others.) I'll believe it when I see it, of course? But, you know, whatever - we're not pretending this show is actually really *good*, or that we love it for the writing or the sensitivity or the internal consistency.

Which is why, when this thread made me giggle uncontrollably, I knew I had to share it with you guys.


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