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Made it through the lecture that was completely freaking me out, which is a welcome relief. The nice thing about giving the first lecture of a series is that you can get in on the ground floor and recycle the stuff you've been teaching in 101 classes for forever. *winz*


Friday night, [livejournal.com profile] smilie117 and [livejournal.com profile] danijo1 and Marc and I were driving home from seeing "Serenity" (which, by the by, my favorite Browncoat told me that night that he might be done with those, which is a little sad considering what I'm writing about here but there you are) and somehow we got to talking about the Potter book releases - oh, we we were talking about the HBP release, when Marc drove a van full of my beloved fandom folks ♥ home while we all read. And I was thinking about that ridiculous, giddy experience - the rush of getting the book; the happiness of being in my dark, quiet house with this new book and people I care about and reading late into the night; the weird breakfasts with everybody sitting around and slurping tea and making little noises when they get to an interesting part; the hurry hurry hurry of reading so we can get to the end and talk about it; the strange, holy quiet that falls over LJ, broken only by exclamations and the incoherent reports of people stumbling over the finish line.

I don't want to never have that again.

I don't need to have it every year (I don't think I'm quite recovered from last year's - it turned into quite an organizational thing for me and and it was great fun but, yeah, I could use another year to recover) but I could stand another few of those.

So. Anybody have a lead on a promising book fandom? Or am I wasting my time trying to recreate something so singular and unique and weird that it can never be captured or enjoyed again?
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Back home! We got home around noon, and we sent the kids to school for the afternoon so we could run errands. *is totally mean* I picked up new contacts (-8.5 and -10.5, because I am blind as a bat *blinks at you*) and bought a TON of girlie stuff this afternoon (Stila Blackberry Lip Glaze, Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer in Medium-to-Dark, Bare Minerals powder foundationy stuff in Medium, and cardigans and t-shirts from Old Navy and J. Jill and just all KINDS of wondrousness from Lush) and am home and ready to start dinner.

I checked in a few times from various wired locations around that part of VA and so re: Dumbledore: If somebody wrote the Dumbledore/Grindelwald "Never the Sinner" take I was asking for right after I finished the book, I still haven't read it, but I feel the universe should take this opportunity to make it appear. Thanks. There's been much said on how she does and does not suck for doing this now rather than making it text, and making the only quasi-canonically gay character an already-marginalized sexless nonagenarian+, and I find that I agree with all of it on all sides. I ship Harry/Draco and Percy/Hermione - I officially have no stake in what JKR might say, because she's never going to say anything that reinforces the way I see the storylines playing out, so I don't mind that part of it so much. It was interesting to be thinking about this this weekend, because I was also devouring Case Histories, and that theme of the happiness of queer characters comes up in the reading of that, I think. I'd love to talk about this more; if you've read Case Histories and would like to talk about Amelia, please use this space to do so.

Thinking lots of non-fiery thoughts for the SoCal contingent. This continent-wide drought thing really blows, and I'm surprised we haven't had more crazy fires in the rest of the country.
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It's over and it's done and it's tied up with a bow and that is that.

And I don't feel like I have all that much that needs saying, and I don't feel like I need to rehash it endlessly, and I don't need to give a spoilery review. There were bits that I thought were pitch-perfect and bits that I thought read like extreme badfic but it's a long book - I don't need to love every paragraph.

Because I love them all so much, and I'm going to miss them.
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Here are posts about Friday night that, if you are joining us, you should be aware of:

The post about the dinner - Please RSVP there ASAP if you haven't yet. I am calling the pub today to bump our reservation up to **35** (because, and I say this with love, y'all SUCK at planning ahead and RSVP'ing promptly :D) and I'm hopeful that it'll be a non-issue, but this is the last time I will be changing it.

The post wherein you must comment if you want me to pick up your wristband - I have edited that post to show who is already on my list - if you leave me a comment and want confirmation that I got it, check that post again in the morning, as I will be updating it tonight to include anyone who might comment today.
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[livejournal.com profile] ellen_fremedon and I have been talking for a while about putting together a large DC "Deathly Hallows" book release party, and it's time to start properly planning that. This will be a welcome-all-comers kind of thing, meant to bring all parts of the local Potter fandom together to celebrate the release of the last book.

So! By 'party' we really mean 'drinks!' and the idea is to find somewhere to get together earlier in the evening and then finish up with the book portion of the evening at Politics and Prose. In order to begin the planning, we ask you to use this post to do two things:

(1) Have an idea of where we should have drinks that's close to P&P? Leave it here.

(2) And if you think you'll want to join us, let me know here. You're not committing to anything too firmly; we just need to begin to get some sense of numbers before we can move forward.

Have something else to add? Please do so! Have any brilliant ideas? Leave them!

Yay Harry!


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