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I am walking again! Well, really more hobbling and limping, but I'll take it. I still don't really feel comfortable leaving the house, but at least I'm not quite so stuck in one place, which is good as I have been bored out of my skull.

M. took the kids to see the Orioles get completely spanked by the Blue Jays yesterday afternoon, the highlight of which is that the kids got to run the bases at Camden Yards after the game. I hate that I missed it, because apparently A. looks fabulous on Jumbotron. I realized yesterday morning that this is something of a golden age of our family - all members are present and accounted for, and both children have moved pretty firmly into childhood - our kids are almost 4 and almost 7 and there are no more babies living here. It's so exciting and I'm so happy to be here - I really want to enjoy the years between now and when teenagerdom hits. I feel very conscious right now of how quickly time is passing and there is a bit of a panic to enjoy every moment.

Other stuff:

+ *crosses fingers and toes for [livejournal.com profile] jlh*
+ So many flisties looking for work right now! *crosses fingers and toes for y'all, too*
+ The meme post is now crazy out of control. I'm gonna have to cut it off.
+ Every time GWB gives a press conference, my horror that half the country thought this man was capable of leading us is renewed. I mean, beyond just being a smirky ass, he's an idiot, and that's a powerfully offputting combination. My poor country. *cuddles the USA* ETA: OMG. He just LIES! Did you know that the tax cuts have worked? And that the economy is now officially stimulated? And that the deficit has been reduced faster than anticipated? What REALITY is this? *is outraged*
+ Which reminds me, actually, that I had a dream last night in which Helen Thomas was caught on videotape making weird noises to try to drown out some of the president's answers and there was one of those 2 day MSNBC/Fox/Daily Show scandals and I was dismayed for her. Let's take a moment - I am dreaming about the White House press corps. It is entirely possible that I am broken on some fundamental level.
+ I have big lifestyle changes coming, and there will be LJ changes to accomodate those. Namely, I think I HAVE to cut my flist, and I'm not sure how radical those cuts will be. You've got first shot at defriending.
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This guy was sitting in my favorite Starbucks when I walked in tonight. Today's suit was white, covered with orange question marks. When he left he walked a gauntlet of smirking stares - I can't imagine walking through life wearing that. He was carrying a motorcycle helmet with question marks painted all over it so, wow, he must REALLY like people looking at him.

I have just officially encountered the anti-Carrie.


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